Waterfront City In Mandaue Is Seen To Generate Thousands Of Jobs In Cebu

Waterfront City In Mandaue Is Seen To Generate Thousands Of Jobs In Cebu

MANDAUE CITY, Philippines — Thousands of job opportunities will be generated in Cebu especially in Mandaue City as a world-class waterfront city will soon rise in the City. 

Mayor Jonas Cortes said the project that broke ground on Thursday, May 12, would be expected to help the city become attractive to locators, which could bring in more investments and jobs that in turn would help improve the local economy and lives of Cebuanos. avast anti track premium full

Called the Global City of Mandaue, it is considered Cebu’s prestigious Waterfront City and World-class reclamation and development project. The 101-hectare reclamation project will be built along the Mactan Channel, near the Marcelo Fernan Bridge. It is centrally located about 2.7 kilometers from the Mactan Cebu International Airport (MCIA).

The project, which will be considered one of Mandaue City’s central business centers, will have three districts namely Civic, Commercial, and Waterfront Luxury.

The waterfront city project in Mandaue City will also house the new Mandaue City Hall, a Mandaue cathedral and a food park. The area will be called Cemanda or short for Cebu and Mandaue. | Contributed photo via Mary Rose Sagarino

The Civic District will be called Cemanda, a short-term for Cebu and Mandaue. It will house the new Mandaue City Hall, and Civic Center and would also feature a multi-modal ferry terminal to bring economic activity. It would be a new hub for cultural activities, Mercatos (which is similar to a food park), and the city’s new Cathedral.

The Commercial District that will be named Meridio, is envisioned as a smartly planned hub where businesses and investors will thrive. World Class malls, outdoor, lifestyle, shopping, and retail areas, hotels, and office towers, 

The Waterfront Luxury District will be expected to be the Cosmopolitan Epicenter in Cebu. It will be an exclusive enclave of elegant living and entertainment options. It will house a world-class convention center and various residential towers for both local and foreign investors.

The development will also have a spur bridge that will connect to the MCIA or Mactan Cebu International Airport. Developers said that it could be the intersection of the future fourth Cebu-Mactan bridge.

Aside from that, there will also be a multi-modal bus and ferry terminal. The project was planned and designed by world-leading property development consultants. All buildings will be BERDE-Certified, featuring biophilic designs, green facades, and vertical gardens.

The project is a private-public partnership between the Mandaue City government, Global City Mandaue Corp., and Philippine Reclamation Authority.

The project also got the support of the  Cebu Provincial government.

Lawyer Janilo Jubiato, PRA general manager and chief executive officer, promised to fast-track all documents that would be submitted for the project.

Sheila Romero, Global City Mandaue chairperson and CEO, said the reclamation would start in September this year and would be expected to be completed from eight months to two years.

Romero, said the construction of the project would be done by phases.

She also said that she did not have with her the data of the exact cost of the project but it would be in the billions of pesos.

In addition, she said by the end of the year next year, the Civic Center would be constructed.

Waterfront City In Mandaue Is Seen To Generate Thousands Of Jobs In Cebu


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