The award-winning women of Philippine real estate

The award-winning women of Philippine real estate

Dianne Orillosa (left) and Gianne Orillosa (center) at The Dot Property Philippines Awards 2019

In the CS Gender 3000 report from Credit Suisse, the Philippines was found to have the highest percentage of women in management globally. The real estate sector in particular has been a leader in equality.

SMDC has been among the best at promoting equal opportunity employment over the years. Nearly 60 percent of the developer’s workforce is comprised of women while female executives outnumber male counterparts. They hold key positions in different areas of expertise throughout the company.

Since 2016, the Dot Property Awards has been privileged enough to recognize some of the award-winning women of Philippine real estate. They each play a vital role in the success of their company while helping bring much needed perspective to the market as a whole.

Meet the award-winning women of Philippine real estate

Elizabeth Ventura

Anchor Land Holdings, Inc. President

You can’t write an article about the award-winning women of Philippine real estate and not mention Anchor Land President Elizabeth Ventura. Anchor Land has won countless awards during the past decade thanks to her efforts. The developer has a robust portfolio of unique projects in both the residential and commercial sectors.

From renovating the landmark Admiral Hotel in Metro Manila to setting the standard of green architecture and design in a commercial development, the firm is not afraid to break the mold.

Elizabeth Ventura Anchor Land Holdings, Inc. President, has guided the developer to numerous awards

This all starts with the vision of Ventura. She is always willing to do something different, and oftentimes unheard of, in order to provide the best possible experience.

One example of her vision is Anchor Grandsuites. Located in the heart of Manila’s Chinatown, it has become the tallest building in all Chinatowns around the world. Another example of this can be found in Old Manila and Manila Bay. Projects such as Admiral Baysuites have embraced the area’s charm and history in a way never before seen in the Philippines.

Ventura also wanted to rethink the office experience. That’s why Anchor Land Corporate Center is equipped with a number of facilities designed with the modern employee in mind. These include a spa, gym, garden lounge and open deck in addition to the smartly designed offices. The unique lifestyle features have been combined with several sustainability benchmarks, such as LEED Pre-Certified GOLD.

“People will spend as much as 80 percent of their time at the workplace so we really wanted to develop a space that considered their lifestyle and well-being. It was also important to incorporate sustainability into Anchor Land Corporate Center,” Ventura stated.

Crystal Chloe Ong-Chua

Innoland Vice President for Sales and Marketing

Crystal Chloe Ong-Chua (left), Citrineland’s Internal VP for Sales and Marketing, Wilson K. Granadis (center), Vice President for Sales and Marketing and Dot Property Magazine Editor in Chief Cheyenne Hollis (right)

As one of Cebu’s largest local developers, Innoland and its subsidiaries want to help elevate the property market. The firm boasts an expansive office portfolio that includes TGU Tower, Calyx Centre and Link in Cebu I.T. Park. Meanwhile, its newest project, One Montage, just may be its most ambitious to date.

The three-tower commercial, office, and retail complex is an integrated, master-planned, and sustainable development that is unlike any other project in Cebu due to an iconic design and green building features.

Since being founded in 2005, Innoland has been motivated to improve the quality of the local real estate market. Crystal Chloe Ong-Chua, Innoland Vice President for Sales and Marketing, has been at the forefront of the developer’s efforts.

Prior to joining Innoland, Ong-Chua served as Internal VP for Sales and Marketing at Citrineland, the developer’s residential-focuses subsidiary. During her time there, Citrineland won Best Developer Cebu at The Dot Property Philippines Awards 2017.

“Winning means we are doing the right thing and it inspires us to build more and build better so more Cebuanos would be able to enjoy the perks of having homes of good quality at affordable price points,” Ong-Chua explains.

Orillosa Family

Keller Williams Ortigas-27C Realty

Dianne Orillosa (left) and Gianne Orillosa (center) at The Dot Property Philippines Awards 2019

Led by Gianne Orillosa, Operating Principal; Dianne Orillosa, Team Leader; and Pam Racelis Orillosa, Market Center Administrator, Keller Williams Ortigas-27C Realty is an up-and-coming real estate brokerage that has quickly made it a name for itself.

This has been accomplished through an innovative approach to property that sees the brokerage invested in the success of its diverse client base.

“We are a young team of millennials, but we believe that the diversity in age, knowledge, and experience amplified and strengthened through Keller Williams, makes ours a truly unique market center. We are driven to succeed, but at the core, our purpose is to help, to provide opportunities, and to make a difference in the lives of others and bettering the communities that we serve. This is what we are all about. Your business is our business. Your success is our success,” Gianne Orillosa explained.

Keller Williams Ortigas-27C Realty was honored as one of the Philippines Best Real Estate Agencies at The Dot Property Philippines Awards 2019. That was followed up by winning several Keller Williams awards to start 2021.

The award-winning women of Philippine real estate


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