Santa Fe Bantayan Beach For Sale

PHP 100,000,000


Santa Fe Bantayan Beach For Sale

Area: 2,400 ++ SqM
Price: Php 100M nett
Located near Paseo Arcenas
Beach front and along side major beach resorts in Bantayan including Kota Beach, Yooneek Beach Resort, Sugar Beach Resort.

Prices and details are subject to change without prior notice.
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Bantayan is the main and largest island of the Bantayan island group that lies close to the geographical centre of the Philippine archipelago.

Therefore, this island group includes numerous smaller islands (some uninhabited or uninhabitable), mostly around the southwest corner of the island. About 20 of these islets stretch for about 8 kilometres (5 miles) southwest from Bantayan municipality port area, with some nearer ones being accessible on foot from the main island at low tide. The islands are beside the busy shipping lanes for ships and ferries coming from Mindanao or Cebu City on their way to Manila. The islands are all small and green and low, virtually indistinguishable one from another.

The coast of Bantayan and its islands mostly alternates between mangal and palm trees.

Because of the shallow slope on the shelf, the intertidal area can be quite extended, leading to rocky and muddy shallows at low tide. This means that places with a sandy shore – a beach – are infrequent. Good beaches can be found in the southeast around Santa Fe, and in the northwest at Patao and Madridejos. Even these though are not cleaned, and depending on the currents there can be considerable amounts of flotsam and jetsam on the beach and in the sea.

There are many starfish to be seen in the intertidal area.

Their detrivorous diet helps keep the water clean. Further out though, the crown-of-thorns starfish is a considerable threat to the coral reef, because of its voracious hunger for the coral.

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Santa Fe Bantayan Beach For Sale


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