Olango Island Lot For Sale by the Shoreline

PHP 184,000,000


Olango Island Lot For Sale by the Shoreline

Area: 23000 SqM
Price: Php 8K / SqM
Selling Price: Php 184,000,000 nett

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Olango Island has always been known as a birdwatcher’s paradise.


Above all, but there’s more to this little island in Cebu than the migratory birds. It’s close enough for a day trip, but it can also be a destination on its own. Olango Islands have raised coral reefs. Like most of Cebu province.

In other words, Olango Island is a diverse coastal ecosystem consisting of extensive coralline sandflats, mangroves, seagrass beds, and offshore coral reefs. Therefore, the island’s mangroves are most extensive in the Cebu province, and its offshore corals are home to scores of various marine species. The island is virtually flat, and it is surrounded by warm seas and partly sheltered from monsoons and strong trade winds.

Olango Island, situated off Mactan Island in Cebu, is one of the seven best-known flyways in the world for migrating birds.

You can even charter your own Island Hopping Tour.

Olango Island is surrounded by six smaller islands and islets; together they comprise the Olango Island Group. A boat for eight people with stops at two islands starts at P1,300. The schedule however depends on the tides. Coordinate ahead with your boatman if you want to dock and roam the islets.

Despite the rural impression, Olango is probably not a destination for backpackers on a tight budget; the accommodation open to tourists is all resorts. These are not as expensive as resorts in some other areas, but still more than cheap hotels elsewhere.

The island lacks things like shopping malls or even a large market; residents generally go to Lapu-Lapu for those. There are sari-sari shops, fruit stalls and barbecue places, and Santa Rosa has a pharmacy and a small hospital with an ambulance, but facilities are generally quite limited.

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Olango Island Lot For Sale by the Shoreline


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