652 SqM For Rent Bare Office Space In Mandaue City

PHP 260,800 / per Month


652 SqM For Rent Bare Office Space In Mandaue City

Area: 652 Sqm
Rate: Php 400/Sqm
Cusa: Php 150/Sqm

Parking Rate: 3K (optional, subject to availability)
Above all, located on a High Floor

Prices and details are subject to change without prior notice.
For more info, kindly email or call us, for the latest updates.



  • Fire Sprinklers and Automatic Smoke/Fire Detectors adjusted to final ceiling height
  • Rough Cement Flooring
  • Fully Fitted Elevator Lobby
  • Finished Toilets on all floors
  • Electrical Rooms
  • Telecom Rooms
  • N+1 (200%) Back-up Generators
  • Ample Parking Slots

Common areas per floor:

  • Fully-fitted elevator lobby
  • Male&FemaleToilet
  • PWDToilet
  • EERoom
  • Data Room
  • Storage Room
  • Garbage/PumpRoom

Subangdaku. The story of subangdaku has been handed down from one generation to the other. It tells of a young man who frolicked through the jungle one lovely morning in May and lost his way as he enjoyed the beauty of nature around him and the sweet fragrance from the wild blooms drenched in dew, as the gentle breeze from the river blew through the trees.

Mandaue natives were forced into a town as decreed by the Spanish authorities. In other words, this may have started off as a mission village (which included present day Consolacion, Liloan, and Poro) serving as a bulwark for the church in northern Cebu and was managed by the Jesuit in 1638 than a century later by the Recollects.

In addition, Mandaue was a semi-autonomous functioning town. Semi-autonomous as it was still under the jurisdiction of Cebu. Above all, it has been developed and organized by the Spaniards throughout the ages and its population increased as the years went by, the Spaniards did not take an initiative to elevate the town into an independent municipality.

In conclusion,
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652 SqM For Rent Bare Office Space In Mandaue City


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