2594 SqM Lot For Sale In Cordova Cebu

PHP 44,098,000


2594 SqM Lot For Sale In Cordova Cebu

Area: 2,594 SqM
Price: Php 17K nett / SqM
Clean title
Located at Cordova Buagsong near Lantaw Restaurant

Prices and details are subject to change without prior notice.
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Cordova is one of the two Local Government Units (LGUs – Lapu-Lapu City and Municipality of Cordova) comprising the Island of Mactan.

Topographically, Cordova is generally flat with 0-3% slope. Therefore, its highest elevation does not exceed ten meters above main sea level. The general substrate is of limestone. The outcrops of hard limestone are evident in almost all places making the surface rugged. The limestone type belonging to Carcar formation occupies flanks of ridges and practically all of coastal areas. In addition, in terms of vegetation, the portions of the town are made up of cultivated areas of land interspersed with specks of brush and grasslands.

Cordova also takes pride of its abundant marine resources and habitats.

The vast mangrove covers that ensembles like perimeter fences surrounding the mainland prevents the big waves to intrude the dry land and provides food to the some thousands of kilograms of fishes and other marine dependents. However, the unique and the long variety of sea grasses that can be mistaken as a paved road from a distance during low tide is also a habitat of the dangguit and the other herbivorous fishes.

Being proximate to the Mactan – Cebu International Airport and adjacent to the giant and urbanized cities in Cebu (Cebu, Mandaue and Lapu-Lapu), Cordova encounters a spill over of development and it would not be surprising if soon Cordova’s pace of economic growth will change from not so fast to very fast.

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2594 SqM Lot For Sale In Cordova Cebu


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