22 Hectares Titled Lot for sale in San Fernando, Cebu

PHP 52,000,000


22 Hectares Titled Lot for sale in San Fernando, Cebu

Area: 22 hectares
Price: Php 52M
Titled Lot
Located at San Fernando, Cebu City
2 mins drive away from the main road.

Prices and details are subject to change without prior notice.
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San Fernando is a coastal municipality in the island province of Cebu.

Therefore, San Fernando is situated on the southeastern coast of Cebu and is about 29 kilometers from Cebu City. The municipality is bounded on the north by the municipality of Carcar, on the west.

By the municipality of Pinamungahan, on the south by the municipality of Naga, and on the east by Cebu Strait.

Cebu is an island province of the Philippines.

In addition, Cebu City (also known as Cebu) is the oldest city in the Philippines, in the Province of Cebu. It is often called the “Queen City of the South”. Therefore, Cebu is the main center of Christianity in the Philippines.

The city has a lot of interesting history.

Cebu was a fishing village and busy trading port in 1521 when the famous explorer Ferdinand Magellan visited it and died there. In other words, the center of the city has become modern and is well developed. There are also 44 smaller towns. Cebu has recently become the favorite tourist spot in the country.

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22 Hectares Titled Lot for sale in San Fernando, Cebu


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