Monterrazas de Cebu with a breathtaking view

Monterrazas de Cebu with a breathtaking view

Soon to rise: Monterrazas de Cebu with a breathtaking view

The development of the exclusive mountain property Monterrazas de Cebu is nearing its completion. This is after the fast-tracking of its new owner, said their company executive.

Alexander Ace Sotto, chief operating officer of 8990 HDC said that, “We assure our homeowners of our continued commitment to give the market a piece of investment that is worth their money and more. We have considered all issues tied up with this project and are committed to fulfill our promises to our buyers moving forward.”

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In 209, the company has acquired this property from Genvi Development Corporation.

Since then, Monterrazas de Cebu, 8990 HDC worked double on their road networks and drainage. They also worked on their water, power, and auxiliary lines. These were all done with the promise to their home and lot owners. Hence, home construction activities and launching of more residential brands are to be expected within the master planned development.

This 200-hectare scenic and exclusive mountain property covers the scope of the Barangays Guadalupe, Subangdaku, Buhisan, and Tisa.

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With the hiatus in 2018, the works on North Ridge Expansion 2 is now at 90% while Peak 3 is at 50%.

“We have improved Monterrazas de Cebu since we took over. In fact, development has been faster now,” said Sotto. He added that there’s a lot to be done in Monterrazas with plenty of room for expansion.

Monterrazas de Cebu with a breathtaking view


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