Identifying key workplace trends for the second half of 2021

Identifying key workplace trends for the second half of 2021

It’s safe to say the first four months of this year have been quite eventful in the Philippines. The start/stop nature of the country’s recovery from COVID-19 has required businesses, SMEs and entrepreneurs to be as flexible as possible. Regus, the world’s leading flexible workspace provider, has identified three key workplace trends that will shape the second half of 2021.

Leading serviced office provider Regus has found a few key workplace trends

Safer work environments

It’s vital for employers to have robust policies and procedures in place to keep their employees safe from COVID-19. Important safety measures businesses need to consider include cleaning procedures, temperature checks, health surveys and updated sick time policies.

Of course, if you’re based in a flexible workspace, then it is up to the provider to create a safe work environment. Regus has been a leader in these efforts and its facilities in Asia are well-equipped to protect everyone.

“One of the benefits of operating the world’s largest network of flexible workspaces is that we’re able to assess local trends, align ourselves quickly and deploy important process changes and strategies with remarkable speed,” Wayne Berger, CEO of Regus’ parent company IWG in the Americas, stated.

Hybrid models

Many companies are planning to adopt a hybrid approach to where their employees work in the coming months. According to research conducted by Stanford University Economic Professor Nicholas Bloom, the optimal situation for productivity is remote working for two days and being on-site for the reminder of the week. The benefits of the hybrid model are enjoyed by both employees and employers.

“The hybrid model is delivering spectacular benefits for employees and employers alike,” Regus Founder (and now CEO of IWG), Mark Dixon, noted. “Team members gain better mental health and reduced costs through not having to travel into city centers, along with greater career opportunities closer to home. And it gives companies the financial flexibility to invest in their staff and in growing the business, instead of the buildings from which they operate.”

Embracing the workspace revolution

Prior to the events of 2020, demand for alternative and flexible workspace solutions had been growing with employees leading the charge. Now, employers are embracing this workspace revolution which will be noticeable in the second half of 2021.

“The demand for alternative and flexible workspace solutions used to be driven by the employees – something IWG called ‘the workspace revolution’. Today, we’re seeing a much increased demand from employers seeking to facilitate hybrid workforces with multiple office hubs for greater productivity and talent retention. Developers and landlords have also joined this strategic trend,” Lars Wittig, Regus Country Manager for the Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia and South Korea, said.

Find the workspace solution right for you

During a time where uncertainty has created challenges for businesses of all sizes, Regus is empowering companies in Southeast Asia with a tailored-made solution to office space. Regus’ ability to provide space flexibility ensures you are primed for success today, tomorrow and beyond.

Identifying key workplace trends for the second half of 2021


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