Bantayan And Camotes Set To Roll Out Tourism Master Plans

Bantayan And Camotes Set To Roll Out Tourism Master Plans

It is no secret that Bantayan and Camotes islands are Cebu’s premier tourist destinations.

TIEZA and the Office of the Presidential Assistant for the Visayas are jointly developing plans for development on both islands. OVAP Secretary Michael Lloyd Dino mentioned that the master plans will be made in two years. The development plans for the islands are also the target legacies of the Duterte administration, with the current admin’s term ending in June this year.

Deputy Secretary Dino also said Cebu’s tourism industry is one of its most important industries and the province will receive benefits from the development of Bantayan and Camotes.

Secretary Dino also mentioned that the tourism industry in Cebu is also one of the most crucial industries and further development of Bantayan and Camotes will be good for the province. He also mentioned that the admin doesn’t want these premier tourist hubs to experience the same fate Boracay Island experienced, which closed for a time for rehabilitation.

Development Plans For Bantayan And Camotes

The mentioned comprehensive plans will be all about various conceptual development plans for both islands. The easements are salvage zones, while the 5m are the main pathways for the entire section of the beach area. While these easements will serve as the salvage zones, the 5m will serve as the main pathways.

The master plan proposed for Bantayan included the limitation of the cliffside lots to one hectare only. This is to minimize the density of developments. With a 30-meter easement from the edge of the cliff, extra space for a public open space is possible.

Such space will consist of connecting walkways, movable retail kiosks, view decks, landscape areas, activity areas, and an opportunity for cliff diving sites. Lastly, an architectural roof type for the developments is suggested. A pitched, a thatched roof is highly recommended, complimenting the island-living vibes in the area.

The Ruins in Sta. Fe, one of the municipality’s popular attractions, is one of the target locations for the mentioned proposal. The same plans are also being proposed for Camotes. Under the master plan, the cliffside development is being pushed to be implemented in Western Poblacion, the municipality of Poro.

Lessandro Maraon, OPAV’s head executive assistant, said that the LGUs of Bantayan and Camotes will now have a master plan that will further develop the respective tourism industries.

Bantayan And Camotes Set To Roll Out Tourism Master Plans


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