3 tips to make your property listing standout

3 tips to make your property listing standout

Listing real estate online is a great way to find buyers, but you must make your property listing standout

Regardless of if you’re a good agent or simply looking to sell a property on your own, it’s vital your listing doesn’t get lost in the shuffle. Want to be noticed? Here are a few tips to make your property listing standout on Dot Property Philippines.

Content matters

The content you supply for your listings is extremely important in enticing potential buyers/renters to contact you. When someone is searching through listings, the content that appears in the first two or three preview sentences can make all the difference in the world.

Avoid putting information that can be found elsewhere on your listing such as number of bedrooms or square metres since it can be found elsewhere. Instead, focus on things such as project amenities or location that will be of interest to anyone searching for property.

Pick the best photos

Don’t forget to reorganise your photos after uploading them to the website in order to put the best ones up front. These will be the first thing searchers see, so it is vital to show off your proverbial front porch. If the first photos on your listing preview are poor quality, people will scroll past your property.

And if you need some tips on getting photos for your property, checkout this article. It will help you get the best shots possible.

Upgrade your listing

Want to appear among the very first properties listed on Dot Property? Then upgrade it to be a feature or premium listing. Your property will receive top billing among the listings in your area. The process to upgrade is simple and can be done from your dashboard thanks to our new e-commerce platform.

Of course, just because you have a featured listing doesn’t mean you should neglect things like photos and content. Putting time and effort into these will create the ultimate listings that draws in property searchers. Ready to get started? Take these tips to make your property listing standout and post it today

3 tips to make your property listing standout


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