3 small details that can add big value to your new condo unit

3 small details that can add big value to your new condo unit

You’re faced with a lot of decisions when buying a new condo unit. Location and price are obviously the big ones. But small details also need to be considered. These can make or break your condo investment. With this in mind, let’s take a look at a trio of tiny details that have a massive impact on your new condo unit.

Windows and walls are important features of new condos that can go unnoticed

1) Windows

Windows are important for a number of reasons. Good windows can help cut the cost of your utilities bill by improving insulation. Air conditioners are expensive to operate so you don’t want that cool air escaping. These days, there are a number of windows available that are designed specifically to reduce energy costs.

It can be difficult to escape the sun in Southeast Asia. Cheap windows do little to reflect the sun’s rays and allow heat in. Some condos now have tinted windows that not only reduce sunlight, but add a level of privacy that can be nice if you’re located in a high-density area. Be sure to ask about the windows being used including what benefits they provide during your search for a new condo.

2) Mortar

Don’t worry if you’re not familiar with mortar. Not many people are. But this tiny layer of coating that is placed over the walls in most new condo buildings can make a huge difference. Low-end mortar can crack and offer poor sound absorption. It will look bad, bother your ears and be unpleasant to touch. We can only assume it tastes bad (unless you enjoy the taste of building materials) meaning four out of your five senses are being attacked when cheap mortar is used.

For starters, a good mortar doesn’t crack. Some lesser products can crack after only a few years due to a number of reasons. Additionally, good mortars are far more sound absorbent than traditional mortars. Even the noise from a heavy-duty home theatre system can be muted through the walls.

In terms of safety, you want a mortar that is fire resistant and able to withstand impact. The only downside, no matter how good the mortar is, it will still probably taste is still bad. But three out of four improvements isn’t bad. You may not know a lot about mortar, but a good one makes your new condo safer, more liveable and adds value to it in the coming decades.

3) Parking space

Every single new condo has a parking garage, but it is irrelevant if you don’t have a guaranteed spot. Some new condos opt to reduce the number of parking spaces in order to increase the number of units. Their reasoning is that not all owners will have a car.

In theory, it makes sense. But the reality is different. There are now stories of condo developments throughout Southeast Asia that have more cars than spots. If the unit you’re looking at doesn’t have a guaranteed space, you may be losing some value that is unlikely to be recouped.

The details matter

Searching for a new condo unit requires you to leave no stone unturned. You may see something banal like a window, walls or parking spaces and think these don’t matter. But they really do. Especially if you plan on selling your condo unit in the future or let it out.

During your search, be sure to investigate these details further to ensure the developer isn’t cutting corners or trying to get you to spend more for something that isn’t worth it. After all, no one wants to live in a condo that’s hot, has cracked walls and offers nowhere to park your car.

3 small details that can add big value to your new condo unit


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